WHO WE ARE: Part Photographers, part family. All volunteer.

The Darkroom is literally a physical space where you can develop and print black and white film and a global space of photographers building our community here in San Jose.  We are staffed completely by volunteers at De-Bug.

The Darkroom started as an idea by photographers with Silicon Valley De-Bug, a community organization in San Jose that produces media and leads community campaigns by the people most affected by community issues.  Photo Circle started in 2001 when we started meeting once a week under the guidance of Paul Myers, a local documentary  photographer who guided us through the different photography and story- telling techniques.  When Paul left to teach in Ventura, the group continued meeting, bringing in new people, and has evolved to be more than just a  photography group — but a community, support group, even like family. Our  group became more than just critiquing photos, but telling the stories behind  the photos -of our communities, lives, and families. Since then, we’ve brought  in new people, taught classes to newcomers, hosted shows, and produced  photo essays and projects that have been published in the magazine De-Bug.  The Darkroom  is a natural extension of our community as we want to  open up our space to build and support the larger community of photographers.  The Darkroom is part of the larger community space that is  Silicon Valley De-Bug.

LOCATION: 701 Lenzen Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

PHONE: (408)971-4965

EMAIL: thedarkroomatdebug@gmail.com